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Astrology, the mystic science reveals a lot of secrets of human life.....

Astrokey’s SaiPragna Astro Services, the best astrology services in Hyderabad, India providing several services to many people. . Our trusted and valuable services placed us one among the best astrology services  and  emerging  as top astrology service providers in India. We provide several astrology services. We are much  concern about our clients confidentiality and always maintain   a respectful, friendly  environment with our beloved clients. We are happy to serve our clients as the best astrology services in Hyderabad, India.

What we do...


Astrology, the word itself drives attention to know what is Astrology and what's behind it. It is a theory which defines the influence of celestial objects and reveals number of secrets of living ones on the earth. The major events like marriage, Job, House etc. and problems such as Career Problems, Financial Problems, Marriage related etc. could be predicted with the help of Astrology.

Horoscope Reading

Horoscope, the key part of Astrology which represents the positions of Planets at the time of particular event i.e. Birth. The Positions and aspects among the planets helps to derive major predictions. The major part of Horoscope is analyzing the positions and placement of planets. The aspects of planets one among the other would be helpful to draw predictions


Numerology, the mystic wonder of numbers and the relationship between numbers and letters. It is a wonderful theory that derives the events, timing of events, etc. in the life. Numbers are simple but the strength, luck, projection is hidden is awesome and unbelievable.


Palmistry, the reading of Palm!. What is there in the palm. Palmistry is a practice of reading lines and sensitive parts of the palm. The lines in the palm represents the influence of planets on the person. The shapes, color, thickness of lines and mounts in the palm gives predictive results.


Vaasthu Sastra, the ancient and traditional Indian system. It defines and describes the layout, shape, measurements, area for space etc. the built-up of house, buildings etc. that controls energy factors. The positive and negative energies of the house, air and light transmission, several Vaasthu factors show impact on the people living in house.

Dosha Nivaran

Dosha, the malefic influence of celestial objects, negative impact of several factors causes hurdles in a person life. Major events such as birth, education, health, career, financial status , marriage, relationships etc. would be influenced. The main cause is dosha. Several dosha nivaranas are there and depends. " No Worries, God is almighty! '"